Sales force automation tools streamline the sales process by enabling managers and sales teams to organize leads, accounts and contacts; assess and prioritize opportunities; and oversee the sales pipeline and related analytics for forecasting, and much more.

Lead Management
Lead Generation
Lead generation refers to the capturing of consumers interest towards products or services, who may be interested in a purchase.

Lead Qualification
For further follow ups, this process is essential to lead generation. This stage separates the sales ready leads from the general inquiries that entered in system.

Lead Conversion
Once scope for opportunity of further negotiations, it transformed to Account, Contact and business opportunity.

Contact Management
Manage Contacts
Manage an unlimited number of accounts or contacts and customer profile. Keep all your business contacts in one focused and place.

Follow up Contacts
Easily manage all your contact channels and customer touch points of each interaction is highly coordinated and contextual. No more crossed signals or missed opportunities by state the variety status options of current process position.

Opportunity Management
Track Opportunity
Efficiently record and track complete opportunity details including related account name, stage, closing probability, expected closing date and more. This involves tracking of the sales cycle for a given opportunity from being a prospect to closing with sales won or lost.

Generate Opportunity
Create and link appointments, tasks, notes, documents, e-mails and activities to specific sales opportunities. Schedule interactions, such as follow-up phone calls and onsite meetings.

Sales Quote
Generate Quotes
Generate quotes, sales orders, and invoices from the potentials. Stay updated on team, territory and individual performance, ensuring accountability and the required level of motivation within your sales organization.

Manage Quotes
Track outstanding quotes from the quotes list view, add line items to the quotes and update subtotal, taxes, adjustments, and grand total amounts. Select different prices for the same product as per customer segment.