SearchNEasy WebCart eCommerce is the complete eCommerce solution provide Simple, Secure, Fast and Affordable ways to entrepreneurs who want to do business online. Our complete and powerful eCommerce Content Management System has everything you need to run your online business. The best platform to grow your business.

Web Cart Features

Professional Storefront Design

First impressions are important and a professional looking store is critical to make customers want to buy from you. flexible design options, include our professional web design templates, complete store design, and easy to use interface.

Content Management System

CMS is a system used to manage the content of a web site and it allows users to create, edit and publish content from a website easily and efficiently at any time with no special technical skills are required.

  1. Layout Builder

  2. Bulk Image Manager

  3. Product Image Watermark

  4. Website Database Backup

  5. Unlimited Product, Categories & Content Pages

Catalog Management System

Catalog management System is a tool to organizes and consolidates e-commerce product data into an electronic catalog for the benefit of both merchants and buyers. The system maintains and stores product information for an e-commerce business.

  1. Catalog management allows an admin to create, edit, store and update catalog data, including product descriptions and images.

  2. Automatically update the prices based on the user's location or local currency.

  3. Integrate with web content management and payment gateways.


Create your products and organize it into categories, shoppers can easily browse and shop the store.

  1. Unlimited Product Images

  2. SEO Product Tags and Keywords

  3. Multi Colour Management

  4. YouTube embedded on Product Page.

  5. Social Widgets (WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook, Twitter and more)
  1. Product Recent View

  2. Shopper Feedback

  3. Product Comparison

  4. Product Reviews, Discussion and Rating

Customer Management

Customer Management are used to capture, research and analyze information such as customer behavior, buying preferences and demographics. Customer retention and loyalty are important goals for successful companies. Good customer management enables companies to ensure the services they provide are in line with what the customer wants. Importantly, it can also identify further opportunities for growth.

  1. Guest Check-out

  2. Social Login Module

  3. Customers Groups

  4. Customer Profile Customization

  5. Shipping and Payment Method
  1. Unlimited CMS User Right Access

  2. Auto Complete Widget

  3. Spam Protection

  4. Inventory Control

Shipping and Tax

Enable to calculate the shipping fees by the pre-set charging value of the criteria, combined with the shipping method such as Weight Based or Dimension Based.

  1. Taxation Configuration

  2. Multiple Shipping Modules

  3. Integrated Delivery Solution

Wide Range of Payment Solution

Accept multiple payments of all major credit cards and merchant account from leading payment gateways worldwide such as PayPal, Stripe, Ipay, SenangPay, eGHL, Razer and more. Multiple Currencies allow shoppers automatically display product prices in their local currency with the pre-set conversion rate.

Marketing and

For any E-Commerce platform, it is imperative to plan and implement an effective marketing strategy that will generate leads and increase sales conversions. Many different online marketing strategies that could help E-Commerce website generate sales.

  1. Blog Module

  2. Facebook Chat Integration

  3. Gift Vouchers

  4. Affiliate Program

  5. Reward Point

  6. Discount Coupon

  7. SSL certificate Installation

  8. Order Char History
  • Bestsellers Listing

  • Flexible Discount System

  • Review and Rating

  • Newsletter Marketing

  • Bulk Purchase and Quantity Discount

  • Order Tracking & Management

  • Intelligence Google Sitemap


Integrated to major Marketplace. Reach and sell to millions of new shoppers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The search-engine-friendly pages with customizable title, meta and image- tags, pull relevant information from online catalogs, including product names and categories, and automatically place them for intuitive navigation and search engine friendliness in title, meta and image- tags.

Allows to provide SEO URL for products with a keyword and inserts Title and Description Meta tags, use short search-engine-friendly descriptive URLs for dynamic pages.

Meta Editing
Each category has options customized header and footer, and meta tags for SEO of product especially for searching.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics allows measure website traffic and analyzes for the content, conversion, advertising, and social interactivity among many things. Essentially, the application would help to make business decisions on the progress of the website and help to determine how to improve the site to attract more customers.

Administration Control

Provide a panel to control the store, searching order and customer data, invoices and receipts, payment processing modules for all major gateways, system configuration and management.

Shopping Features

Customers enjoy visiting websites with cutting edge shopping features such as Compare Products, Product Reviews, Filterable Navigation and Super Search conversion rate and increase consumer loyalty.

WebCart Customization



Customize your eCommerce with Dropshipping

Open an online store without the hassle of managing inventory, fulfillment or shipping. Set your own pricing and maximize your profits.


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Abandoned Cart

Abandoned Cart Customization

Turn visitors into customers by recovering abandoned shopping carts. Send abandoned cart emails to shoppers to complete their purchase on your site and offer them related products.


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Affiliate Customization

Turn your customer into sales with Affiliate Customization

Turn your customers into sales. It has all the right tools to allow your customers easily promote your brand across all their favorite social networks.


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Bank Payment Gateway Customization

Customize your preferred Bank Payment Gateway

Choose your preferred Bank Payment Gateway we will customize to your need.


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System Integration to eCommerce Platform

System Integration is the process of Implementation of web services which connecting data or a function from one application program together with another application program or data storage to enable automated data exchange and business process integration.

Api Integration
Payment Gateway
Social Media
Data Integration

Facebook Integration
Software Integration
Application Integration
Portal Integration
Process Integration
Marketplace Integration

Why SearcNEasy
WebCart eCommerce

Easy Administration Management
The control panel is clear and convenient, no special technical skills are required.

Fulfil Overall E-Commerce Need
provides the full for most E-Commerce activities, one platform manages everything.

Clear Workflow and Process
Clear step by step process enhances the workflow more efficient to manage and follow.

Better Management of Sales and Marketing
eCommerce ultimately enhanced the Sales and Marketing.

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