Health Management Application

Transform User Experience

Digital Transformation is the process of changing the way a business operates to integrate technology at all levels of the business and moving to a fully connected and online strategy.

An Ultimate Health Management Application to manage multiple centres. A comprehensive application, user-friendly interface, interoperability, and strong backend infrastructure.

Ethics Monitoring

  1. capture all transaction and history from consultation (activity log)
  2. Rating and Review to get preferred service.

AI Integration

Use technology to meet changing business and market requirements.



Multiple Centres

Collaborating with medical professionals and IT experts to ensure the application meets the specific needs of managing multiple centres.


Website Content Management System

Enable admin to manage all front-end content, add or edit any homepage text as needed. The website's homepage welcomes visitors with an engaging, responsive, and mobile-friendly design. It features crucial sections such as 'About Us,' 'Contact Us,' FAQs, and Pricing, catering directly to users' fundamental requirements."


Improving the patient experience

Electronic Health Records enable the secure storage and access of user records, ensuring compatibility across various departments and locations. Implement features for easy data retrieval, updates, and sharing among authorized personnel.

Integrate product or prescription to delivery (1 hour) or pickup from Center.


Improving the Health Center experience

  1. Reduce on site workload.
  2. Access to services people to stay in their homes.
  3. Integrate booking to Center or consultation booking.

User Management

Admins can add new users, assigning specific roles as needed.
  1. Accountants
  2. Staff or Nurses
  3. User or Patients
  4. Receptionist
  5. Pharmacists
  6. Lab Staff

Appointments Management

Allow user to book appointments online with specific consultant or departments across different centres. Provide options for recurring appointments, cancellations, and rescheduling. An overview of appointments for admin, doctors, consultant, trainer and user, with support for calendar view.


Telemedicine Capabilities


Enable remote consultations and virtual appointments between patients and healthcare professionals from different centres.

Multi Language & Currency Module


Admins wield complete control to update and manage all system elements, currencies, and languages. Allowing users to select from a range of language options for their interface and interactions. This feature tailors the platform's language to the user's preference, enhancing accessibility and user experience across diverse linguistic backgrounds.

Centralized Dashboard

Provide a unified dashboard displaying an overview of all centres, including key metrics like user counts, appointments, available resources, and staff schedules. Gain insights into total invoices, bills, payments, and advance payments. Access data on the number of consultants, trainer, doctors, user, and available slots.


Billing and Payment

Enable to view transaction details of users, encompassing registrations and payments made via Payment Gateway. Comprehensive billing management with invoicing, billing creation, and payment tracking.
  1. Accounts
  2. Invoices
  3. Payments
  4. Advanced Payments
  5. Payment Reports
  6. Billings

Reception or Front Office


Manage centres call logs, visitors, postal records, and live consultations or meetings effectively.

Registered Center Inquiries


Explore lists of registered users and other associated information and subscribed plans.

Consultant Management

  1. Centralized management of center consultant or doctors, enabling them to oversee user cases, appointments, medications, and operation reports.

  2. Consultants or Doctors can input diagnosis details within user records, specifying report type, dates, and attaching relevant documents.

  3. A record of one-on-one conversations and interactions. Admins or consultant can add details by date and attach documents, visible to user.

  4. Consultant or Doctors can create service, prescriptions, including fees, notes, medications, and dosages.

  5. Admins, consultant, doctors, or receptionists can add timelines for user, suggesting medication and advice, along with document attachments.

User Management


Keep track of patient visits, history, and scheduled revisits.



Manage various document types, useful for verification and certification purposes.



Manage your followers' subscriptions via the homepage, accessing subscriber details and using their emails for notifications.

Cases Management


Handle patient cases effectively, coordinating care seamlessly.

Vaccination Support


Enable admins and doctors to add new vaccines and administer specific vaccinations to patients.

Room, Slot or Bed Management


Organize beds into types and manage their allocation, assignment, and availability status.

Blood Donation or Blood Bank


Manage bloodstock, donors, donations, and issues efficiently.

Panel Corporate Client or IPD (In Patient Department)


Manage patient admissions and associated details, including reservations and charge management. Consultant Register: Admins can add consultants for user and include additional instructions.

Walk In Client or OPD (Outpatient Department)


A crucial first-contact hospital department. It aids in tracking patient records and managing patient details across three sub-modules.

Subscription Plans


Enable to tailor plans to your requirements, ranging from trial and free plans to paid subscriptions. Admins curate diverse plans visible on the main landing page, accommodating various currencies based on region.



Record income, expenses and charges for comprehensive financial management. Medicine Categories, Medicine Brands, Medicines etc

Employee Payrolls


Admins and accountants manage user salaries, enabling users to view their salary details.

Expense OR Income Charts


Visualize expenses and incomes via bar charts on the dashboard, with date range filters for flexible analysis.

System Settings


Customize notice boards, system languages, currencies, and other essential system configurations.

Mail Service


Send emails to employees with ease by entering recipient details, subject, and message.

Export Data Support


Export data across various modules for easy access and analysis.

FAQ Module

  1. Enable Admin to update and categorize the questions based on topics or themes. This helps users easily find the information they're looking for.

  2. Enable customers to search frequently ask question to relate to your product, service, policies, or any relevant information.

Testimonial Module

  1. Enable Testimonial Content showcasing diverse testimonials that encompass different customer experiences, such as success stories, satisfaction feedback, or specific product or service benefits.

  2. Allowing users to filter testimonials based on categories like product type, service, date, or rating. This helps users find the most relevant feedback

  3. Enable admin to manage and moderate testimonials, allowing for easy addition, editing, or removal of entries.

Reporting and Analytics


Generate comprehensive reports on patient flow, resource utilization, financial performance, and other key metrics. Use analytics to optimize operations and identify areas for improvement.

Optional Features

Optional Integrable Solution

  1. Identity Card Reader
  2. Queue Kiosk
  3. Payment Machine
  4. Integration with X-Ray System
  5. Receipt Printer
  6. Barcode Scanner
  7. Integration with WhatsApp
  8. Integration with Accounting System such as SQL, Auto Count etc.

Optional WhatsApp Message Integration


Enable to send WhatsApp Message to multiple users, selecting recipients by department and sending messages.

Cross Platform Integration


Seamlessly unite diverse platforms with our integration solutions, ensuring a harmonious experience across various devices and systems. Enhance connectivity and collaboration for a more unified and efficient operation.

Data Migration & Data Transfer


Effortlessly transition your data with precision and security through our comprehensive data migration and transfer services. Safely move information between systems, ensuring a smooth and accurate transfer to optimize your data management processes.

Whether you aim to enhance health management efficiency, streamline processes, or provide a user-friendly platform for both internal team use and external users, SearchNEasy strategically plans, develops, and tailors an ideal solution to meet your healthcare business requirements.


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