Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a system that enables businesses to manage their interactions with customers and potential customers in a structured and efficient way. The ultimate goal of CRM is to improve customer relationships, customer satisfaction, and customer retention.

EasyCRM systems offer a wide range of features and capabilities that can help businesses streamline their sales processes, automate repetitive tasks, and improve communication with customers. Some of the key features of CRM systems include:

Contact Management

EasyCRM systems allow businesses to store and organize customer contact information, including names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses.

Sales Management

With a EasyCRM system, businesses can manage their sales processes more effectively, from lead generation to opportunity tracking, forecasting, and reporting.

Marketing Automation

EasyCRM systems can automate marketing processes such as email campaigns, social media management, and lead generation, allowing businesses to focus on other important tasks.

Customer Service and Support

EasyCRM systems can help businesses provide better customer service and support by providing a centralized location for customer inquiries, complaints, and feedback.

Reporting and Analytics

EasyCRM systems provide valuable insights into customer behaviour and preferences, allowing businesses to make more informed decisions and improve their marketing and sales strategies.

Easy CRM is used by businesses of all sizes and across all industries, from small startups to large multinational corporations. It is especially valuable for businesses that have a large customer base, as it enables them to manage customer data and interactions more efficiently and effectively.

The Benefits of implementing EasyCRM system

Improved Customer Service

By having a complete view of a customer's history with a business, EasyCRM can help businesses personalize their interactions and provide more targeted support.

Increased Efficiency

EasyCRM systems can automate many routine tasks, such as data entry, appointment scheduling, and follow-up communications. This frees up time for employees to focus on higher value activities, like selling and building relationships.

Better Sales Forecasting

By analyzing data on customer behaviour and buying patterns, EasyCRM systems can help businesses anticipate demand and adjust their sales strategies accordingly.

Enhanced Collaboration

EasyCRM systems can facilitate communication and collaboration across different teams and departments, helping to ensure that everyone is working together effectively towards common goals.

Improved Marketing

By segmenting customers and tailoring marketing efforts to their specific needs and preferences, businesses can increase the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and achieve a better return on investment.

We specialise in developing customized CRM solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our team of experienced developers can work with you to design and implement a CRM system that meets your unique needs and helps you build stronger relationships with your customers.

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Features of Strategy

Major Components of EasyCRM

Sales and Marketing

Effective marketing tools and Offering

Activity Management

Flexible activity and process management

Inventory Management

Efficiency product control management

Customer Management

Overall customer monitor tools

Administration Control

Clear panel control and easy to use system management.



Sales Automation

Sales force automation tools streamline the sales process by enabling managers and sales teams to organize leads, accounts and contacts; assess and prioritize opportunities; and oversee the sales pipeline and related analytics for forecasting, and much more.

Lead Management
Lead Generation

Lead generation refers to the capturing of consumers interest towards products or services, who may be interested in a purchase.

Lead Qualification

For further follow ups, this process is essential to lead generation. This stage separates the sales ready leads from the general inquiries that entered in system.

Lead Conversion

Once scope for opportunity of further negotiations, it transformed to Account, Contact and business opportunity.



Contact Management
Manage Contacts

Manage an unlimited number of accounts or contacts and customer profile. Keep all your business contacts in one focused and place.

Follow up Contacts

Easily manage all your contact channels and customer touch points of each interaction is highly coordinated and contextual. No more crossed signals or missed opportunities by state the variety status options of current process position.

Opportunity Management
Track Opportunity

Efficiently record and track complete opportunity details including related account name, stage, closing probability, expected closing date and more. This involves tracking of the sales cycle for a given opportunity from being a prospect to closing with sales won or lost.

Generate Opportunity

Create and link appointments, tasks, notes, documents, e-mails and activities to specific sales opportunities. Schedule interactions, such as follow-up phone calls and onsite meetings.

Sales Quote
Generate Quotes

Generate quotes, sales orders, and invoices from the potentials. Stay updated on team, territory and individual performance, ensuring accountability and the required level of motivation within your sales organization.

Manage Quotes

Track outstanding quotes from the quotes list view, add line items to the quotes and update subtotal, taxes, adjustments, and grand total amounts. Select different prices for the same product as per customer segment.

Market Automation

The marketing tools could help to stay a step ahead of marketing campaigns with improved integration and oversight. The tools for campaign management, mass e-mail marketing, online lead generation and sign-up forms, and other modules include contact management.

Campaign Management
Campaign Generation

Effective ways to automate the business process that provides value to the customers, allows to create, track, and optimize the marketing initiatives to obtaining new leads, converting leads to new sales, or encouraging existing customers to purchase more products or services.

Campaign Planning

Clear view campaign profile with target and budget data for analysis, planning, including ROI projections and establish the factors, help to identify and focus activities on particular groups.

Mass Mailing
Create Mass Mail

Create HTML templates directly from the system, send mass E-mail campaigns from the selected mailing lists. Manage effective e-mail marketing campaigns with user-defined target lists and e-mail templates.

Target Listing

Create target lists for campaigns easily by importing prospective customers from the leads, contacts, accounts or quickly adding them as target contacts. Define email templates with rich text formatting, could also embed pictures of design format.

Activity Management

Activity Management streamlines the tasks necessary to get the job done. Manage e-mails, meetings, calendars and calls within a central location to ensure teams work together to close more opportunities in a shorter period of time.

Tasks, Meetings and Calls
Task Create

Specific piece of work required to be done within a given time frame, could create recurring tasks and set reminders to the tasks.

Meetings Organize

Activity that happens at a given place and time, it could create recurring events, set reminders, and add invitees to the event.

Calls Logging

Keep track of the inbound calls of received from leads and customers and outbound calls of dialled to leads and customers.

Shared Calendar
Calendar Management

Enables users to keep track of calls, meetings, and tasks by viewing the calendar, it could collaborate on activities and maintain a history of all previous activities by linking them to specific records.

Calendar Accessing

User's calendar could be set to allow other users to see the event scheduled but do not get access to detailed information or may allow to set to share the calendar or specific event entries with other system users.

Activity History
Tracking Follow Ups

Enables users to keep track of calls, meetings, and tasks by viewing the calendar, it could collaborate on activities and maintain a history of all previous activities by linking them to specific records.

Maintain Events

Historical event could be maintained a log of all the events and tasks that are completed, or status changed as any options for further follow ups of opportunity.

Inventory Management

It extends beyond traditional EASYCRM boundaries by offering complete sales cycle management, seamlessly integrating pre-sales and post-sales activities by linking inventory management functions with EasyCRM modules.

Product Management
Products Catalogue

Manage organisation-wide products information by creating or editing, allows Upload product images, attach product-specific documents, such as collateral, license agreements, and others.

Allows creating Price Books as per customer segment and associate products with Price Books. Enable procurement products from the selected vendors list.

Vendor Management

Allows admin to enter vendors which provide goods or services to the company or to the customers.

Order Management
Manage Order

Create Sales Order or Invoice with a single click from the Sales Quote and dynamically displaying the Billing and Shipping addresses of the prospect. Track outstanding orders from the orders list view. Once the Sales Order is accepted, create Invoice from Sales Order with a single click.

Manage Procurement

Streamline procurement and fulfilment processes with integrated approach of EasyCRM. Manage up-to-date stock position by integration between order fulfilment and available stock in your warehouse.

Invoice Tracking

Enable to track outstanding invoices from the Invoices list view, adding line items to the Invoice and update subtotal, taxes, adjustments, and grand total amounts automatically. Associate invoices with the general ledger account for book keeping.

Printing Invoice

Create printer-friendly Invoices and deliver to the customers through inbuilt E-mail service. Enable to create PDF format and print out the invoice.

Administration Control

Provide a panel to control the store, searching order and customer data, printing invoices and receipts, payment processing modules for all major gateways, system configuration and accounts management, another management functions including roles, hierarchies, profiles and groups.

Management of Platform
System Control

Allow the administrator to set the system attribute such as Email gateway setup, function setting, Modules Control, and backup.

Administration Control

Allow administrator to maintain the information content and function that associate with E-Business activity such as Product, Leads, Contact, Order, User Access.

Access Control
Sharing Control

Flexible sharing and access control tools to allow to setup matching needs of the business. Sharing control could be changed for each module to reflect the desired levels of access and sharing of information needed by any specific organization.

Roles and Role Hierarchies

Provides a good set of tools to create and manage access controls using roles and role hierarchies. New roles could be setup easily with specific permissions. For each role could specify the level of access allowed and for each module.

Attribute Management

Profiles could be used to manage sets of access permissions and assign to roles. This allows for easy management of access permissions for different roles that create.


Groups allow easy management of access and sharing for different groups of users. Users as well as roles could be added to groups to easily manage the access permissions needed for groups.

Analysis and Reporting

A highly flexible Report Writer which allows you to access and manage the mass of related data in the system. Easily create powerful reports that help to manage and support the sales team's efforts.


A pictorial representation of your custom report data, which gives a real-time snapshot of your organization's key metrics. Dashboard views organize information for access by members throughout an organization. Views could store any type of information that could help users perform their duties, as well as provide the resources to facilitate their interaction with external customers.

Charts and Graphs

The dashboard could be displayed in a graphical representation of sales and service data.

Manage Report

Allow to get a report for almost any data of stored in EASYCRM system. Presentation of data or records for various modules as per requirement. The report generator provides with reports which could see at the screen or export as PDF or Excel files. The report designer allows to select the data that choose to see in a report and to modify their representation.

Customize Report

Enables fully customizable reports with flexible options, summarize data stored by reporting. A set of predefined reports available could customize for needs.

Customer Management

Quality customer support & service require enterprise quality tools. It provides ticket management systems, knowledge management systems, customer self service portals, reports, support statistics and meet the needs of even the most demanding customers.

Ticket Management
Ticket Handling

Enable to track all trouble tickets related to customers end-to-end as per organization's customer support process. Associate trouble tickets with accounts, contacts, products, and other modules to have a better visibility on the trouble tickets.


Support functions keep customers informed on the status reached in respect to the response to customers messages. Provide solutions to the trouble tickets submitted through Customer Portal. Automatically update the status of tickets through E-mail.

Customer Self Service Portal
Self Service

Fully customisable and could deploy without technical issue in the Website, easy access to the customer portal for customer. Notify trouble ticket update to the customers through E-mail. Follow up the trouble tickets by threaded discussions and customer might update the profiles.

Knowledge Base

Manage product-wise Knowledge Base for a better resolution of trouble tickets within least possible time from customer by using portal. Maintain up-to-date articles in EasyCRM based on customer suggestions & comments.

Advance Features
Document Management

EasyCRM has given access could create own folders and upload any file type for storage on the server. It could even attach documents to outgoing emails to customers. This could help with document versioning and unify a sales team's efforts.

Project Management

Providing well organised and systematically planned endeavour, defined with beginning and ending, to accomplish a successful project including Project Tasks and Milestones Management.

Edge Features
SMS Notifier

Taking advantage of the growing number of consumers using their mobile devices. Sending SMS to the Clients and Suppliers would allow to communicate faster and stay in touch with them.

Further Integration

The platform has a great system infrastructure that allow the development of new function and system integration which collaborate with more powerful backend office such as Website, Business Intelligence tools, E-Commerce and ERP.

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