SearchNEasy Customise Learning Management System is a cloud-based management system offers Easy and Affordable price for setup within minutes. It designed to manage all learning including training programs, learning and development programs, course creation, course management, live classes, test and assessments, analytics, eCommerce, as well as mobile learning.

3 Easy Way to Create your Class

Schedule lessons

Upload Videos and Content

Set Pricing and Start Promoting

Everything you need for your Business

Powerful customisation
Set up your courses is simple and easy.
Easily customise features.

Total control over your content, pricing, and data
Full control on content, pricing, course information etc.
Freedom and flexibility to grow your business.

Payment Integration
Instructor and self-paced courses with a payment gateway integrated into your learning System.
Recurring Payment from your customers in their preferred currency.

Keep track of your learners’ progress with class related analytics.

Complete Tools to
Manage and Grow Your Business


Attendance Tracking and Reporting
Easy Online Scheduling
Assignments Management
Live Lesson with Zoom
Unlimited User profiles
Unlimited Courses and Students
Unlimited CMS User Right Access
Unlimited User profiles
Student notifications


Payment Gateway Ready
Online Billing and Invoicing
Customize Pricing Options

Marketing &

Integrated Affiliate Marketing & Reporting
Reward Points & Coupon Program
Sales Reports

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Online Video Training

Online Apps Video Training Tutorial available 24/7 provide all the training and step for how to set up and customize to your business need.


Customer Care Support

Step-by-step email support help and walk through to answer all of your questions 24/7.

What is Learning Management System

Learning Management System is a cloud-based management system for administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, automation and delivery of educational courses, training programs, or learning and development programs.

Benefits of Learning Management

Saving time and money

Flexible access from anywhere

Track and report the progress

Why SearchNEeasy

Whether you are looking to increase efficiency or to simply do more with less. We customise all your business requirements in one application and within your budget. We strategize, develop and customise a perfect Learning Management System for your specific business needs.


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