SearchNEasy Customise Learning Management System is a cloud-based management system that provides an easy and affordable solution for setting up your learning environment in minutes. Our system is designed to efficiently manage all aspects of learning, including training programs, learning and development initiatives, course creation and management, live classes, tests and assessments, analytics, e-commerce integration, and mobile learning capabilities.

Key features of our Customise Learning Management System

Easy and Affordable Setup


Our system allows you to quickly set up your learning environment without the need for complex installations or expensive hardware. With a few simple steps, you can have your LMS up and running in no time.

Comprehensive Learning Management


Our LMS covers all aspects of learning, from organising and delivering training programs to managing course content and user enrolment. It provides a centralised platform for learners, instructors, and administrators to collaborate and engage in the learning process.

Course Creation and Management


Our LMS enables you to create and manage courses easily. You can upload course materials, multimedia content, and assessments, and track learners' progress throughout the course.

Live Classes and Virtual Learning


Our system supports live classes and virtual learning experiences, allowing instructors to conduct interactive sessions, webinars, and online discussions. This feature promotes real-time engagement and collaboration among learners and instructors.

Test and Assessments

Our LMS includes robust testing and assessment tools. You can create quizzes, assignments, and exams to evaluate learners' knowledge and understanding. The system provides automated grading and instant feedback to enhance the learning experience.

Analytics and Reporting


Our LMS offers powerful analytics and reporting capabilities. You can track learners' performance, monitor course completion rates, and gather valuable insights to assess the effectiveness of your training programs. This data-driven approach helps you make informed decisions and improve the learning outcomes.

E-commerce Integration


Our LMS seamlessly integrates with e-commerce functionalities, allowing you to monetise your courses and sell them online. You can set up pricing, payment gateways, and manage learner subscriptions, making it easy to generate revenue from your learning initiatives.

Mobile Learning


Our LMS is mobile-friendly, enabling learners to access courses and learning materials from their smartphones or tablets. This flexibility allows for learning on the go and enhances engagement by catering to the modern learner's preferences.

At SearchNEasy, we prioritise user-friendliness, affordability, and efficiency in our Customise Learning Management System. Our goal is to empower organisations and educational institutions to deliver effective and engaging learning experiences while streamlining the management of their learning programs.

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