Network Marketing (MLM)

We customized to fit any type of online business, multilevel marketing, and direct selling business,
our Networking Marketing system add-ons helps you generate leads for your
Networking Marketing business!
Looking For Business? Transition Into A Business Owner

Lowest Start-up cost to Transition into a
Network Marketing Online Business owner
How to “Transform your business” to Network Marketing Online Business?
Network marketing field grows and its member companies multiply. Is indeed the "wave of the future", a business model that is gaining momentum, descriptions of the network business model and its prophecies of a reigning.

“Network marketing is the big wave of the future. It’s taking the place of franchising, which requires too much capital for the average person.”
-Jim Rohn
Transform Your Business Now
Leverage your business multiply
Your business can grow to a much larger scale by leverage your business, multiply your income

Make your business seamless
Grow your business and sell internationally

Low startup cost
Fast-Growing low cost Startup ideas will help you find a business to fit your budget.

Maximise your profit
Maximise your profit with same customers, same level of physical sales, and minimum overhead costs

Recruit and Retain more Customer
Network recruiting retains 90 percent of its customers, recruiting outstanding people to deliver your customer service.

Loyalty customer with repeated Sales
Repeat customers guarantees you repeat sales going forward and a steady flow of income.
Without paying salaries staff
You have no employees, your network will help to associated "sponsor" as owning as their own business.

Hone Your Pricing Strategy
Keep ahead of the competition by using your lower price or more flexible service

Minimise operation cost
Reduce Operating Costs by Embracing Technology, create an income that involves very low risk and has very high potential returns.

Operate 24/7/365
Boost your company's sales 24/7/365

Expand Your Marke
Grow your business and expand into new markets

Very duplicable business
Anyone can recruit and train to run your business effectively and efficiently
Most affordable fully Integrated Responsive Cloud Based
Network Marketing Solution

Website, Ecommerce Feature, MLM Compensation Engine, and much more

We develop and customise all type of Multi-Level Marketing plans like Binary, Forced-Matrix, Uni-Level, Generation,
Virtual Plan, Stair Step Breakaway, Mono-line and Spilt over Binary and etc.
Multiple Genealogy Structure

Support Multi level, Uni-level,
Forced Matrix and Binary and etc.
Network Marketing Ecommerce Shopping Cart
A complete integrated shopping cart with unique features designed to benefit and encourage referral and social activities

API Integration
Integrate Product, Order and distributor data to 3rd Party system.
Compensation Engine
Track sales activities, build genealogies, and pay a variety of compensations.
Pay-out Bonus
Membership Commissions
Notification email for commission to a sponsor when a distributor register membership or make order.

Multi-Level Pay-out
Pay on multiple levels of commissions to distributors. Compensation payout applied to type of membership and qualification.

Incentives & Reward
Reward payout to distributors for achieving sales or recruiting member.

Compress Commissions
Compress commission pay to up line or associated upon customer purchase.

Personal Recruits Achieved Bonus
Payout for personal sales or Achievement

Cash Bonus
Bonus payout for specific product to distributor.

Instant Sign-Up Bonus
Payout to recruiter for new recruitment.

Depth Bonus
Payout according to compensation plan for specified number of distributor reached in a specified level in the network.
Customer Acquisition Bonus
Pay this compensation every time a distributor makes a sale to a new customer. Incentive distributors to find new customers.

Matching Bonus
Payout upon distributor earns a commission pay the distributor's direct sponsor a bonus equal to their earned commissions.

Bonus Pool
Admin enable to set a portion of revenues into a bonus pool. Spread payout of bonus pool based on distributor's rank achievements.

Leadership Bonus
Additional Bonus to up line distributors when they reach a specific rank. Optional Roll-Up is available.

Fast Start Bonus
Payout to distributor up line who has help their recruits achieve specific activity goal.

Infinity Bonus
Payout bonus spread along a line of leadership ranks up line in the genealogy. If any of the up line ranks do not qualify the bonus paid to the next qualified rank.
Others Feature
Performance Reward
Payout rewards to distributor for achieving specific achievement.

EWallet System
Enable distributors to track status of their commissions, transactions, purchases and etc
Auto Maintenance or Auto ship or Subscriptions
Recurring billing for auto order, auto ships and subscriptions.
Ecommerce Website Integration
Responsive Website Support for Mobile Devices
Responsive Website provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience with easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling across a wide range of devices from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones and tablets.

Responsive Email Notification
All email notification is fully mobile optimized.

Photos Gallery
Unlimited Gallery Album Category with unlimited Photos

Web Design Concept
Customised Concept Web Design

Slider Banner Design (Text over Image)
Unique and creative image slider banner with amazing transition. Upload unlimited ad banners created in a graphics program, give them a title and link to a URL.

Enable Admin to view “Recent Activity” on Dashboard to view latest customer login, new register account, best distributor and etc.

Choice of Currency
User can choose a preferred currency from the list of options predefined by the admin, making your system entirely international.

Inventory Control
Product database will be automatically updated in accordance with products being ordered, sold or returned due to orders being made, changed or cancelled.

Product Inventory Customization
Enable customer to select specific desired product colour and size E.g. Difference size or colour will have individual inventory control on specific product.

Product Images
Any product can have an unlimited number of images attached to it for proper presentation.

Product image watermark
Enable to add custom watermark on product image.

Product Picture Zoom Feature
Image can be zoom when mouse point to the desired image part.

Hover Swap Feature
Customer hovers their mouse cursor over the image, it changes to next option image and when they stop hovering over the image, it changes back to the main image.

Image Auto Crop Feature
Enable Auto Crop function for upload images as an easy way for user to upload the most ideal images size.

Bulk Image Manager
Enable Admin to upload bulk images at once.

Product YouTube
Add YouTube Video embedded code to enable Users to view product video directly on the product page.

Stock status
Enable admin to set order availability.

Products, Categories and Brands
System enables to add products categories and products in its database.

Hierarchical Category Tree
Products are grouped in categories which can include sub-categories.
User Feedback
General feedback form that can be accessed from any page in the Website.

System Text Editors
Changing the appearance of the online Website is easy even for those with only basic computer knowledge.

Order Tracking
Users can check their order status by using the front-end tracking feature. Administrators can send automatic emails upon each step of the process.

Order Management Tools Made Simple
This function allows Users to keep up to date with their order process status. Users may choose to be notified via email of the status of their orders.

Order Forms
Printable invoices and shipping lists are available online for both back-end users i.e. Website administrators and Website store front users i.e. Users via My Account and My Order Status pages.

User Records
Automatic generation of database of registered users' shopping information such as contact info, delivery & billing addresses, order histories and total cumulative amount of purchases. Registered users can be categorised for discount or promotional purposes etc.

Spam Protection
All front end user forms are CAPTCHA* protected. Only human beings are able to recognise and enter the information shown which would be a distorted image if read by a machine. Completely automated public tuning to tell computers and humans apart.

General Info Pages
You can add general information pages to your Website. E.g. “About Us”, “Shipping and Payment Methods” pages.

Website Pages Uploading & Editing
Expand your website and add new pages as needed with just a click of a button by using our user friendly Content Management System. Manage Content Pages by web-based editor. Add or delete pages, change navigation labels, add links, add new Members or services, change fonts, images, text, and background colours wherever you need them.

Auto Complete Widget
Auto complete widget offers suggestions or provides some other form of filtering or completion as a user type’s text in an input field.

Live Chat Integration
Customizable Live Chat widget on your website, and start having genuine conversations with visitors within minutes.

Unlimited Drop down Menu and Unlimited Sub Menu
Manage Unlimited Drop down Menu and sub menu created by Customisable Drag & Drop Systems.

Image Gallery Management System
An easy way to organise and display images on your website in the form of a stylish click-able thumbnail gallery. With Image Categories & Image with Image title and description and automated Image Resize feature.

Release Date Announcement with Email Marketing Feature
Enable to add or manage new announcements by effective date and number of days.Create and send email marketing campaigns by pre-set date.

CMS User Right Access
Enable to create unlimited users from three pre-set user group. Different user group have different access rights.

Admin Activity Tracking
Admin Activities Log allows Admin to log all the activities performed on your Administration backend by any user. e.g. edit or delete product info.
Payment, Shipping and Tax
Support for All Major Payment Gateways
System is integrated with Google Checkout, PayPal, PayPal Express Checkout, Bank payment gateway and many popular payment gateways.

Fraud Protection
System provide automatic fraud protection, this module makes System reliable anti-fraud solution to most e-commerce applications on the market.

Support for Sales Tax
Full support for sales tax. Site owners can define tax rates by countries, states, and ZIP code masks. Individual products can be assigned to different tax classes.

Shipping Options
Enable to set Flat Rate, Free Shipping, and Ship by weight for overall product or apply on specific product.)

Order Chat History
Chat box with chat history logs for every single order for Admin to communicate with Customer to update or solve specific order issue.

Timer Sales Discount Module
Enable to display a sales discount within a specific period with the countdown timer.

Buy X Get X Free
Able to get extra quantity of product with the purchase of the same product with certain product quantity, e.g. Buy 3 Get 1 Free.

Buy Product A Free Product B
Able to get free different product with the purchase of a specific product.

Send Newsletters & Email Management
Registered Users can be informed of any Website updates, promotions or news through newsletters sent via email. This can be done automatically by choosing the appropriate option at time of publication.
Blog Module
Able to add on Blog, able to create blog category, able to add module blog category, blog achieve, blog recent post etc.

Social Share
Enable customer to recommend their friends. Social Share module allows to share website URL from social network site.

Flexible Discount System
Special discount arrangements can be made i.e. if a product is nearing its sell-by date, a discount can be made to Users.

Discount Coupons
Administrators can issue a discount code valid for either single or multiple orders for Users to enter during order placement. Applicable discounts can be set as a percentage of the order amount or a fixed sum.

Facebook like Box Integration
Facebook “Like Box” Button allows admins to promote their Pages and embed a simple feed of content from a Page into other sites.

SEO - Search Engine Optimized
System allows you to set title, meta keywords, and meta description tag values for each page separately. This increases the search ranking on major search engines thus providing better product visibility and web presence. SEO auto fill in function enable pre filled in SEO keywords for all pages created. This is to save time for Set Your Title Tags for every page for Maximum SEO Benefit.

Other Features’ Integration
Enable to integrate with any scripts e.g. Twitter, live web cast events, live chat, Facebook, YouTube & etc.
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