The marketing tools could help to stay a step ahead of marketing campaigns with improved integration and oversight. The tools for campaign management, mass e-mail marketing, online lead generation and sign-up forms, and other modules include contact management.

Campaign Management
Campaign Generation
Effective ways to automate the business process that provides value to the customers, allows to create, track, and optimize the marketing initiatives to obtaining new leads, converting leads to new sales, or encouraging existing customers to purchase more products or services.

Campaign Planning
Clear view campaign profile with target and budget data for analysis, planning, including ROI projections and establish the factors, help to identify and focus activities on particular groups.

Mass Mailing
Create Mass Mail
Create HTML templates directly from the system, send mass E-mail campaigns from the selected mailing lists. Manage effective e-mail marketing campaigns with user-defined target lists and e-mail templates.

Target Listing
Create target lists for campaigns easily by importing prospective customers from the leads, contacts, accounts or quickly adding them as target contacts. Define email templates with rich text formatting, could also embed pictures of design format.