It extends beyond traditional EASYCRM boundaries by offering complete sales cycle management, seamlessly integrating pre-sales and post-sales activities by linking inventory management functions with EASYCRM modules.

Product Management
Products Catalogue
Manage organization-wide products information by creating or editing, allows Upload product images, attach product-specific documents, such as collateral, license agreements, and others.

Allows creating Price Books as per customer segment and associate products with Price Books. Enable procurement products from the selected vendors list.

Vendor Management
Allows admin to enter vendors which provide goods or services to the company or to the customers.

Order Management
Manage Order
Create Sales Order or Invoice with a single click from the Sales Quote and dynamically displaying the Billing and Shipping addresses of the prospect. Track outstanding orders from the orders list view. Once the Sales Order is accepted, create Invoice from Sales Order with a single click.

Manage Procurement
Streamline procurement and fulfilment processes with integrated approach of EASYCRM. Manage up-to-date stock position by integration between order fulfilment and available stock in your warehouse

Invoice Tracking
Enable to track outstanding invoices from the Invoices list view, adding line items to the Invoice and update subtotal, taxes, adjustments, and grand total amounts automatically. Associate invoices with the general ledger account for book keeping.

Printing Invoice
Create printer-friendly Invoices and deliver to the customers through inbuilt E-mail service. Enable to create PDF format and print out the invoice.