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Web Cart Features


Web Cart Online 
Get your business online now
Web Hosting
(12 Months)
1 GB
Bandwidth 5 GB
Website Setup  
Multi Language (English and Chinese Version Ready) Optional
Mobile Responsive Website
Responsive Email Notification
Web Design Concept Default Template
Start-Up Web Pages 1 HTML pages and 1 products
Slider Banner Design
(Text Over Image)
Customer Support Email & WhatsApp
Free Upgradable Web Version
Content Management System (CMS) Web Cart Online
Website Database Backup
Product 500
Category 50
Content Pages 30
Photo Gallery Album (50 photo per album) 50
Bulk Image Manager
Gallery Album Slider
Admin Activity Tracking  
Marketing Web Cart Online
Release Date Announcement
Multiple Store Google Locator  
Product & Features Web Cart Online
Effective SEO Product Tags & Keywords
Multi-Colour Management
Products, Categories and Brands
Product Recent View
Shopper Feedback at Product page
Product Recommendation
Product Comparison
Product Reviews, Discussion & Rating
Social Widgets Share
(Whatsapp, WeChat, Facebook, Twitter and more)
QR Code on Product Page
YouTube embedded on Product Page
Advance Search Filter
Customer Management Web Cart Online
Guest Check-out
Facebook Connector
Customers Groups Unlimited
Banned IP
Customer Activity Log
System Setting  
Shipping & Payment Method
Unlimited CMS User Right Access
Multi Currency
Auto Complete Widget
Spam Protection
Inventory Control
Marketing (Ecommerce Feature) Web Cart Online
Integrated Payment Methods
Integrated Delivery Solution
SSL certificate Installation
Abandoned Cart
Order Chat History
Bestsellers Listing
Flexible Discount System
Bulk Purchase and Quantity Discount
Gift Voucher
Discount Coupon
Timer Sales Discount Module
Stock Arrival Alert
Reward Points
Buy X Get X Free
Buy Product A Free Product B
Orders Tracking & Management
Intelligence Google Sitemap
Reports (Ecommerce Feature) Web Cart Online
Sales Report
Products Report
Customers Report
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