Why Easy ERP Systems Are More Important Than Ever

Improve productivity, increase efficiencies, decrease costs and streamline processes.

Easy ERP systems despite innovation, integration and cost issues. Easy ERP is used for planning resources Money, Material, Man power, Machinery and Methods to get maximum profits with minimum Efforts. For this, all the business functions and processes need to be customised and integrated. It is a complete web based accounting and business management system that requires only a web browser to use.

Automation and Process Management
Data Analysis
Inter-Company Billing
Audit Trail
LogIn From Anywhere
Multi-Company Consolidation
Supports Multi-Currency
Customer Service Management
Back Office Functions

Why? Business Can't Live Without It.

More than 85 percent of respondents agreed or strongly agreed ERP systems were essential to the core of their businesses, and that they "could not live without them." According to survey that ERP primarily focused on small to mid-market companies.

Financial Module
Engineering &

The Internet never stops, we build flexibility feature into Easy ERP and e-commerce links so that they can keep update to the new e-commerce applications running on the Web smoothly up to date. Easy ERP will be the best ERP investment you ever make.

Why Most Companies Walk Away From Conventional ERP Software?

The most common reason that companies walk away from multimillion-dollar conventional ERP projects is that they discover the software by complex system integrations, high cost of ownership and conventional ERP systems that need high cost on hardware maintenance etc.

Traditional ERP vendors are having a hard time building the links between the web solution and their software, though they certainly all realize that they must do it and have been hard at work at it for years.

One of the most difficult aspects of conventional ERP and e-commerce integration is that the Internet never stops. ERP applications are big and complex and it stark if the conventional software ERP linked directly to the web.

How Does Our

Easy ERP is a complete ecommerce solution to your information management system and the people handling order information will be your employees. And now customers and suppliers are access to the same information your employees get through the EASY ERP system eg. Order status, inventory levels, payments and invoice reconciliation etc. through Easy ERP

Free Upgrading for Easy ERP package – Easy ERP will be update to the latest feature with no cost upon yearly renewal at no cost.

ERP Features

Purchasing Module
Quotation and Order Processing
Invoice, Payment and Delivery
Return and Crediting
Purchase Forecasting

Sales and Distribution Module
Quotation and Order Processing
Invoicing, Payment and Delivery
Returns and Crediting
Marketing Management
Discount Management
Payment Management
Sales and Pipeline Forecasting

HR Management
Payroll Management
Commission and Incentive Management
Leave Management
Shift Management

Opportunity and Pipeline
Contact s and Activities
Customer Service
Trouble Ticket management
Knowledgebase Management
Eliminate Emails and Meeting
Bulk Email Sending Management

Warehousing Module
Stock Movement
Inventory Valuation
Picking, Packing and Delivery
Serial and Batch Management

Production Module
Bill of
Material (BOM) Production Orders
Material Resources Planning (MRP) & Forecasting
Manufacturing Process Management
Inventory Management
Multi-Level Racking and Storage Management
Total Quality Management

Asset Management
Basic Accounting
Budget Management
Banking & Reconciliation
Multi-Currency Support

Project Management
Manage Project and Plan
Organise and Manage Team
Track and Record Time

Why Searchneasy

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Whether you’re looking to increase efficiency or to simply do more with less, or you’re looking for an internal system for your team or an external system for your user outside of your organization, Searchneasy strategize, develop and customised with a variety of technologies and custom craft a perfect web solution per your specific business needs.

Searchneasy has the expertise to work closely with businesses to perform ERP platform-based custom application development from the ground.

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