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Exploring a content framework for compelling digital experiences Date Posted: 28/08/2020

All digital experiences are built with content: images, text, video, audio, and even augmented and virtual reality. Content is not only used to communicate your company’s value but to extend and connect its experience to all touchpoints end users may encounter. Because content plays such a significant role in digital experiences, it only makes sense it has its own experience framework. “A holistic content strategy should be tied to a specific audience activation plan and include m..

How to Create Content Built for the Future of Social Media Date Posted: 26/08/2020

Social media has greatly evolved over the past decade. In the beginning, social media only have AIM, Friendster, and MySpace, these social media are in a humble form where it is not like the social media of today. Today, social media has evolved into an incredibly profitable platform for brands and influencers.  More recently, the personal aspect of social media has slowly become overshadowed by newsfeeds filled with branded and shoppable content. COVID-19 has accelerated this chang..

Predicting computational power of early quantum computers Date Posted: 26/08/2020

Quantum physicists at the University of Sussex have created an algorithm that speeds up the rate of calculations in the early quantum computers which are currently being developed. They have created a new way to route the ions -- or charged atoms -- around the quantum computer to boost the efficiency of the calculations. The Sussex team has shown how calculations in such a quantum computer can be done most efficiently, by using their new 'routing algorithm'. Their paper "Efficien..

Sounds of action: Using ears, not just eyes, improves robot perception Date Posted: 25/08/2020

People rarely use just one sense to understand the world, but robots usually only rely on vision and, increasingly, touch. Carnegie Mellon University researchers find that robot perception could improve markedly by adding another sense: hearing. In what they say is the first large-scale study of the interactions between sound and robotic action, researchers at CMU's Robotics Institute found that sounds could help a robot differentiate between objects, such as a metal screwdriver and a met..

AI system for high precision recognition of hand gestures Date Posted: 25/08/2020

The recognition of human hand gestures by AI systems has been a valuable development over the last decade and has been adopted in high-precision surgical robots, health monitoring equipment, and in gaming systems.  AI gesture recognition systems that were initially visual-only have been improved upon by integrating inputs from wearable sensors, an approach known as 'data fusion'. The wearable sensors recreate the skin's sensing ability, one of which is known as 'somatosen..

Guides on Social Media Video Marketing Cheat Sheet Date Posted: 24/08/2020

Creating video content may be more time consuming than static imagery, but when it comes to your social media advertising, the benefits are worth it. Video content creates faster and stronger connections between brands and their target audiences as they leave less to the imagination, better tell your story, share your message, and captivate users across various platforms in comparison to static images—if executed well. In this guide, we’re going to cover our go-to tips for so..

Identify and fix AMP Signed Exchange errors in Search Console Date Posted: 24/08/2020

Signed Exchanges (SXG) is a subset of the emerging family of specifications called Web Packaging, which allows publishers to safely make their content portable, while still keeping the publisher’s integrity and attribution.  In 2019, Google Search started linking to signed AMP pages served from Google’s cache when available. This feature allows the content to be prefetched without loss of privacy while attributing the content to the right origin. According to Google, now..

Options for retailers to control how their crawled product information appears on Google Date Posted: 24/08/2020

Earlier this year Google launched a new way for shoppers to find clothes, shoes, and other retail products on Search in the U.S. and recently announced that free retail listings are coming to product knowledge panels on Google Search. These new types of experiences on Google Search, along with the global availability of rich results for products, enable retailers to make information about their products visible to millions of Google users, for free.  The best way for retailers and b..

Tech's Role in the Future of Health and Public Safety Date Posted: 21/08/2020

Technological innovations have transformed healthcare and public safety. In the next few years, strategic investments in IT solutions and services in the healthcare and public safety sectors will pave the way for high-quality health and safety standards globally. 'Predict and Prevent' Today, the world is reeling from a wide range of challenges that need to be managed quickly and effectively. While the current pandemic has turned the world upside down, global unrest and limited acce..

AI advantages in the Wake of Pandemic Date Posted: 21/08/2020

The global pandemic threw the world for a loop as businesses shut down, schools closed, and working from home became the new normal. Right now, everywhere is applying social distancing and self-quarantine has become a became part of our everyday nomenclature, and safety measures such as temperature checks and mask-wearing were integrated into daily life. It's now hard to imagine businesses and gathering places without these new standards in place. From a business standpoint, reopening s..

Companies turn to digital marketing to survive COVID-19 Date Posted: 20/08/2020

In this time of an hour, businesses are going to become more reliant than ever on their digital strategy. This is due to the COVID-19 that is happening around the world. There are a lot of channels and businesses that are slowly disappearing such as channels related to live events and conferences, and the increasing barriers on face-to-face business, pose an enormous challenge. The key to resilience is the development of ongoing contingencies to mitigate against this loss. B2B companies in pa..

Why digital accessibility is now essential in the pandemic era Date Posted: 20/08/2020

Covid-19 achieved what years of lobbying and education had not – convincing organizations of the importance of making sure digital assets – like websites, emails, and mobile apps – are easy to use and simple to navigate.   With the sudden upswing in digital demand and the almost overnight disappearance of physical interactions – it’s become clear how someone who cannot leave their home is forced to rely on digital channels, and how frustrating it is for them..

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