Quality customer support & service require enterprise quality tools. It provides ticket management systems, knowledge management systems, customer self service portals, reports, support statistics and meet the needs of even the most demanding customers.

Ticket Management
Ticket Handling
Enable to track all trouble tickets related to customers end-to-end as per organization's customer support process. Associate trouble tickets with accounts, contacts, products, and other modules to have a better visibility on the trouble tickets.

Support functions keep customers informed on the status reached in respect to the response to customers messages. Provide solutions to the trouble tickets submitted through Customer Portal. Automatically update the status of tickets through E-mail.

Customer Self Service Portal
Self Service
Fully customizable and could deploy without technical issue in the Website, easy access to the customer portal for customer. Notify trouble ticket update to the customers through E-mail. Follow up the trouble tickets by threaded discussions and customer might update the profiles.

Knowledge Base
Manage product-wise Knowledge Base for a better resolution of trouble tickets within least possible time from customer by using portal. Maintain up-to-date articles in EASYCRM based on customer suggestions & comments.

Advance Features
Document Management
EasyCRM has given access could create own folders and upload any file type for storage on the server. It could even attach documents to outgoing emails to customers. This could help with document versioning and unify a sales team's efforts.

Project Management
Providing well organised and systematically planned endeavour, defined with beginning and ending, to accomplish a successful project including Project Tasks and Milestones Management.

Edge Features
SMS Notifier
Taking advantage of the growing number of consumers using their mobile devices. Sending SMS to the Clients and Suppliers would allow to communicate faster and stay in touch with them.

Further Integration
The platform has a great system infrastructure that allow the development of new function and system integration which collaborate with more powerful backend office such as Website, Business Intelligence tools, E-Commerce and ERP