and Reporting

A highly flexible Report Writer which allows you to access and manage the mass of related data in the system. Easily create powerful reports that help to manage and support the sales team's efforts.

A pictorial representation of your custom report data, which gives a real-time snapshot of your organization's key metrics. Dashboard views organize information for access by members throughout an organization. Views could store any type of information that could help users perform their duties, as well as provide the resources to facilitate their interaction with external customers.

Charts and Graphs
The dashboard could be displayed in a graphical representation of sales and service data.

Manage Report
Allow to get a report for almost any data of stored in EASYCRM system. Presentation of data or records for various modules as per requirement. The report generator provides with reports which could see at the screen or export as PDF or Excel files. The report designer allows to select the data that choose to see in a report and to modify their representation.

Customize Report
Enables fully customizable reports with flexible options, summarize data stored by reporting. A set of predefined reports available could customize for needs.