Provide a panel to control the store, searching order and customer data, printing invoices and receipts, payment processing modules for all major gateways, system configuration and accounts management, another management functions including roles, hierarchies, profiles and groups.

Management of Platform
System Control
Allow the administrator to set the system attribute such as Email gateway setup, function setting, Modules Control, and backup.

Administration Control
Allow administrator to maintain the information content and function that associate with E-Business activity such as Product, Leads, Contact, Order, User Access.

Access Control
Sharing Control
Flexible sharing and access control tools to allow to setup matching needs of the business. Sharing control could be changed for each module to reflect the desired levels of access and sharing of information needed by any specific organization.

Roles and Role Hierarchies
Provides a good set of tools to create and manage access controls using roles and role hierarchies. New roles could be setup easily with specific permissions. For each role could specify the level of access allowed and for each module.

Attribute Management
Profiles could be used to manage sets of access permissions and assign to roles. This allows for easy management of access permissions for different roles that create.

Groups allow easy management of access and sharing for different groups of users. Users as well as roles could be added to groups to easily manage the access permissions needed for groups.