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Our complete Website solution offers the Fast, Simple & Affordable website with the best Content Management System (CMS) for a small business to a large Corporation.

Keep your website up to date anytime, anywhere in the world. Improve your company image and help to enforce your brand. Improve your SEO and increase your ranking. Best platform to grow your business.

Easy and affordable Website design

Website Features

Multi Store

The multiple sites abilities which allow to manage multiple sites from one administration panel with totally separate content and setting, only one panel to manage all WebSites.

Page Style and Design
First impressions are important and a professional looking store is critical to make customers want to buy from you. Storefront offers flexible design options, include our professional web design templates, complete store design, and easy to use interface.

Professional Web Page Design Easy-to-Use Editing and Page Layout Tools Simple Text Searching Simple Drop-Down Menu Editing and Page Layout Tools Auto Slide Banner Content Slider Banner Slice Box Banner

Catalog Management System

The system that provides website authoring and collaboration to create and manage website content with relative ease

Unlimited Product Categories & Sub-Categories Product could be categorise based on the Manufacturers or Brands Detailed Product Descriptions Zoom Picture Custom Meta Tags for each product page Unlimited Product Images Product Enquiry Form QR Code Youtube Embedded

Content Management System

CMS is a system used to manage the content of a web site and it allows users to create, edit and publish content from a website easily and efficiently at any time with no special technical skills are required

Pages Management Unique Gallery Display Multiple Customisable Form Management Multi Customer Group Pricing

Marketing and Promotion

For any website platform, it is imperative to plan and implement an effective marketing strategy that will generate leads and increase the conversion rate from visit to customer. Many different online marketing strategies that could help website generate sales.

Newsletter Marketing RSS Feeds Customer Reward Point Product Comparison Review and Rating Customer Reward Point Product Recommendation to increase sales by recommend other product or service to customer Able to set Announcement by prefer date

Search Engine Optimization

The search-engine-friendly pages with customizable title, meta and image-alt tags, pull relevant information from online catalogs, including product names and categories, and automatically place them for intuitive navigation and search engine friendliness in title, meta and image-alt tags and breadcrumbs.

Allows to provide a SEO URL for products with a keyword and inserts Title and Description Meta tags, use short search-engine-friendly descriptive URLs for dynamic pages.

Meta Editing
Each category has options customized header and footer, and meta tags for SEO of better describe of product especially for searching.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics allows measure website's traffic and analyze for the content, conversion, advertising, and social interactivity among many things. Essentially, the application would help to make business decisions on the progress of the website and help to determine how to improve the site to attract more customers

Administration Control

Provide a panel to manage the entire website platform, content information and customer data, reporting, function modules control, system configuration and accounts management.

Products Reporting User Account Control for System Users & Customer Users

Customer Facilities

Customers enjoy visiting websites with the cutting edge website features such as Customer Profile, Compare Products, Product Reviews, Filterable Navigation and Super Search to maximize conversion rate and increase consumer loyalty.

Multi Language Content Features Share to the social network Tell a Friends Google Talk Recent View Visited

Edge Features

Mobile Version
Take advantage of the Mobile Shopping revolution by giving the customers flexibility of shopping from mobile devices. Mobile store could be up and ready-to-sell, from store pages to checkout.

Further Integration of CRM
The platform has a great system infrastructure that allow the development of new function and system integration which collaborate with more powerful backend office such as Business Intelligence tools, CRM and ERP

Benefits of Website

Easy Administration Management
The control panel is clear and convenient, no special technical skills are required.

Fulfil Overall Website Platform Need
Website provides full function for most website activities, one platform manages everything.

Streamline information updates and accuracy
Streamlined to support rapid and simple updates to information across the site and make the content more quality and accuracy.

Reduce website maintenance costs
Avoid technician to maintenance activities, the CMS should reduce the need for website administration staff, and other associated costs.
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